No. Our belief is that independence is being in control of your decisions.Having in home care services means being in control of your activities andretaining as much independence as each situation allows. Many of ourclients just need a little help to continue living a safe and productive lifewhile some might be recovering from a fall or surgery, or other condition.Regardless of your situation, our goal is to enable you the best possibleoutcome while being in control of your care and daily decisions.

Just like nurses and doctors, Professional Caregivers have chosen a careerin compassionate care of those in need. Kwikfix implements a rigorousscreening and vetting System which includes a comprehensivebackground check and screening for compassion, identity, integrity, andcompetence. Less than 5% of all applicants meet our stringent screen andwe rarely advertise for caregivers as most come from word of mouthreferral from other happy clients.

Our Golden Rule states ‘We will not refer a caregiver into your home thatwe would not welcome into our own home.’ This is our high bar set, thebackbone of our mission. Similar to any working professional, caregiversare attracted to organizations that have trust, compassion, stability, andhope. We encourage you to meet one of our local Care Manager as theywill treat you with as much compassion and dignity as they afford to eachcaregiver they refer.

Contact us and we’ll refer another caregiver quickly at no additional cost.

Our Buddypairing Process works with each family to understand whatunique skills and personality are desired in a caregiver. Feedback fromsatisfied clients usually indicates that a personality match is the #1 factorin a caregiver match, so we highly encourage client input. We will thenmake a referral based on our experience and your input.

We make the process of finding a caregiver very simple and prompt usingour Kwikcare Placement program. Give us a call and we’ll conduct a briefphone discussion to understand your needs. We then can meet anyoneinvolved in selecting and paying for care at your home for an in-homeneeds consultation. Within 24 hours of that visit we are usually able torefer a professional caregiver to your home. Our team continuously screenscaregivers beyond current demand to give you quick access to the bestcaregivers in our community.


Yes, just ask and we will be pleased to arrange a suitable time for you to meet your carer.

If your plan needs to change in any way we will do our best to make sure things happen as swiftly and conveniently as possible. We keep you fully informed along the way.

Simply phone a member of your team as soon as you can and we will do our best to make alternative arrangements. A minimum of 24 hours is required.

Kwikfix carers are happy to escort you to events such as this. If for any reason your regular carer is unavailable, we will do our best to find another carer to accompany you.


How Does The Referral Process Work?

Knowing how difficult it can be to entrust a child’s care to someone else, wework closely in partnership with local authorities and families. For those thatwe work with, our commitment to high quality care is a guarantee that theyhave come to expect.

We aim to treat all referrals with the urgency expected, and follow theappropriate paths in order to ensure that relevant care is provided.

✓ Each referral is screened and assessed
✓ Referral Team forwards profile to appropriate home
✓ Regional Manager for earmarked home carries out final assessment andrisk-matching.

This rigorous referral and assessment policy aims to match each child tothe correct service from the start. This will maximise the potential forplacement stability and ensure that the child’s needs are met and any risksare managed appropriately.

If you would like some advice or more information on our services and whatwe can do for you, email us here, or call 01604 603200 to discuss areferral in confidence.