Home modifications for seniors reduce fall risk and help older adults stay independent in their homes for as long as possible. 

Falls are a top reason why seniors lose independence and mobility. Hazards in the home can add up over time, making it easier for older adults to trip, fall, and hurt themselves. 

Here are a few general tips 

Modifications throughout the home: 

  • Widen doorways, hallways and increase floor space to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers 
  • Install accessible countertops (at a lower height or with an open bottom) 
  • Replace doorknobs with lever handles 
  • Replace standard light switches with a toggle or rocker-type switches 
  • Secure area rugs or runners 
  • Install non-slip flooring 
  • Increase lighting (motion sensor or photocell night lights, lights in stairways, sound-activated lamps, lights on timers) 
  • Install sturdy handrails along both sides of stairways 
  • Apply non-slip tape on stairs 

Aging-in-place bathrooms: 

  • Install safety grab bars in shower and toilet areas 
  • Replace a tub with a walk-in shower with a seat, or an easy access walk-in tub 
  • Install an accessible vanity in the bathroom 

Aging-in-place kitchens: 

  • Drawers instead of cabinets (install pull-out inserts) 
  • Place microwaves and other small appliances on countertops for easier accessibility 
  • Install an elevated dishwasher, or one that has drawers 
  • Replace cabinet knobs with door pulls 
  • Consider an induction cooktop stove (they can reduce the chance of burns) 
  • Switch out a knob-style faucet for a lever-handled faucet 

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