A personal assistant is someone who is usually employed directly by a person/or  by a family member or representative, when the person they are supporting does not have the physical or mental capacity to be the employer, to  support them to  live their life in a way they choose i.e. support an individual to live more independently, usually in their own home.

Naturally, most people resist moving away from familiar surroundings and want to carry on living in the place that they know and love for as long as they can. Home is the place where we belong: with memories of happy family occasions, much loved possessions and comfort in the familiarity of our day to day routines.

Personal assistant  would be involved in many aspects of an employer’s life and may be asked to provide support in the home, at leisure or at work.

Role of a personal assistant is extremely varied and no two jobs will ever be the same. This is because the individual employing a personal assistant can choose exactly how they are supported to fit with their needs.

Personal assistants can support you:

  • At place of work or education
  • To maintain relationships with family and friends, including supporting the person with childcare
  • To meet new people and develop new friendships to get about in the community, by providing transport, driving their car or using public transport
  • To maintain hobbies and interests, like going to the cinema, gigs, swimming or going on holiday
  • By providing personal care, including support to dress, wash and bathe
  • To communicate their wants and needs
  • By carrying out household tasks like cooking, cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, organising paperwork, moving home and in some cases pet care
  • By going with them to their hospital and other appointments
  • To recover their mental health by helping to manage their anxiety about going out
  • To become healthier after a physical illness, for example, through a better diet or more exercise
  • To develop a new skill or get a job.
  • Some personal assistants may carry out, with adequate training, certain health care related tasks.