Yes, there’s probably no-one else that can provide care at that level or to the degree that you would. And no, bingeing on Netflix doesn’t count as time off. BUT,do yourself and loved one a solid by intentionally working o

n a self-care program that’ll boost your well-being

So, before you engage a respite resource, what should you be looking for?

Below are some useful tips to get you cracking.


  1. Care Philosophy & Training

First, do some research and narrow down to a list of potential caregivers near you. Identify a care provider that’s passionate about the job and has the skills to go with it. 

It’ll also be good to establish that you can get along. Don’t be shy to ask for reviews. Be sure you’re sourcing the best professional service.

  1. Type of Care

There are different types of care packages; low, medium, and high dependency. If not entirely sure, invite your preferred care provider to run an assessment of your loved one and give recommendations. 

Also, it could be live-in or at a facility. If care will be at a facility, be sure to have a look around. At the minimum, it’s got to have some decent furnishings and be squeaky clean. 

Now that you’ve got some information, identify your core needs.

  1. Duration of Services 

Figure out how much time you need off –in a week or based on your daily schedule. The care package and your schedule will be the best guide to the duration of this service. 

You can even skip it higher by giving your preferred provider the prerogative to work out the care plan.

  1. Availability 

Next, let your preferred provider advice on their availability in reference to the care plan. There’s no point in signing up a care provider that can’t commit to a schedule no matter how many boxes they tick. This is extremely crucial.

  1. Cost

Find out whether care giving is covered in your insurance plan. If not, invite your preferred provider to work out a viable cost for your care plan particularly if there’s a possibility of it being long-term.


Getting a valuable respite resource doesn’t mean your dallying off responsibility. It just means you care enough to give your best by not waiting till you fall off or your health wanes.


Remember: When sourcing for a care provider focus on –the care philosophy & skills, type of care, duration of services, availability, and skills. 


These tips provide a simple guide to sourcing the caregiver you deserve but, are not limited to that. Continue asking questions, researching, and involving friends or family for guidance.


At KwikFix, we offer individualized respite care and home health services to cater to a wide range of needs. If you need professional advice and guidance, contact us and we’ll give you support to reach a suitable decision.

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