Healthy Eating In Adults.


Healthy eating is important at any age but becomes even more so as we reach midlife and beyond. As well as keeping your body healthy, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying ...


September Is Cholesterol Awareness Month.


What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in your body and many foods. Your body needs cholesterol to function normally and makes all that you need.


Nutritional Tips For Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients.


Proper nutrition is important at any age, but it becomes increasingly important as we get older. Many seniors struggle with changing nutritional needs, but for dementia patients, ensuring adequate nutrition can be challenging at best, missed entirely at worst.


Managing Dementia: 3 Super Healthy Foods To Improve The Quality Of Life


Dementia is a set of health conditions that lead to the slow decline of the brain’s normal functions. A person with dementia may experience unexplained memory loss, limitations in social skills and a wane in thinking capabilities. Alzheimer’s, multiple strokes and